Education for Life


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Education for Life has been designed to give kids the chance to practice maths at home. You will get the chance to practice addition subtraction and multiplication. This software will give you a timed test on many different levels. It will show you how many you got correct and incorrect. You can download this software for free using the link at the bottom of the page.

 We all want our children to do well at school. This software will give people the opportunity to practice maths and many other things in the comfort of there own home. Education for Life software is now being used in many countries around the world. Anyone can sign up, registration is simple and free.


Maths whizz is what we all want for our kids




Learning Addition




The addition tests have lots of different levels. In the image above you are looking at an addition test that gives the user the opportunity to pick from multiple answers. The test will keep score as you work through the questions. You will need to  score 20 correct answers within the time allowed to pass.

If you give 5 incorrect answers the test will reset and you will have to start over.





Learning about shapes

 learning maths is fun so give your child a chance to be a maths whizz with this great software

Maths software that will show you many different things about shapes. You can see the pyramid section in the image above. Do you know how many sides a pentagon has?  Do you know how to work out the area of a square? Learning maths is an important part of every kids life because it is something they will use every day. This software will allow them to practice in the comfort of there own home. So go on give them a chance to be a whizz with maths.


 Practice your maths with this great software designed to help you improve on your multiplication, subtraction, addition and much more. Simply register to get your download link. All you need is your email address. This is more than just maths software it will give you the opportunity to practice many things you learn at school. It has many features installed in to it, to name a few.

Learn the capitals of every country in the world, learn about the solar system we live in and take the space quiz. It will give you the chance to learn things like:

Roman numerals,

French numbers,

Learn how to write french numbers up to 100. You can select the the number in English and watch as it is converted in to french.

Conversion software,

Periodic table,


30 Minutes Peace

We all need 30 minutes peace peace and quiet so why not sit your children down to take the 30 minute maths test. The timer counts down so your child can see it. They can also see how many they get right or wrong on the score chart. The 30 minute times tables test is based on all 12 times tables so questions will be very varied.

I have included a reset button so the test can be restarted whenever you or they want. If they get 5 questions wrong the test will restart on it's own.


You can practice multiplication and addition with multiple choice answers. Race against the clock with the multiplication and subtraction speed test. Build yourself up to try the built in master levels that will give anyone a run for there money. This maths software will give you the opportunity to practice at home. It will give you the chance to become good and give you a grounding. So when you go to school you will have the confidence to put your hand up in the maths lesson because you know the answer.

Practice addition with 3 numbers, you can race the clock or take the test without a timer. Do you want to know how to multiply and divide fractions? You can be a maths whizz if you practice with this software for a short time each week. Education for Life has been designed by the people that use it. 


Solar System


Space Quiz

Education for Life maths software includes a space quiz to test your knowledge about the solar system. Just a few questions that will give you some fascinating information about the solar system we live in.Ed

maths software includes a space quiz