Education for Life has been designed to give kids the chance to practice maths at home. You will get the chance to practice addition subtraction and multiplication. Maths for kids will give you a timed test on many different levels. It will show you how many you got correct and incorrect. You can download this software on a free trial link at bottom of the page


Maths whizz is what we all want for our kids


Its 100% free email me with your name and I will create you an account and send you a serial




Learning Addition



The addition tests have lots of different levels. In the image above you are looking at an addition test that gives the user the opportunity to pick from multiple answers. The test will keep score as you work through the questions. You will need to  score 20 correct answers within the time allowed to pass.

If you give 5 incorrect answers the test will reset and you will have to start over.



Learning about shapes

 learning maths is fun so give your child a chance to be a maths whizz with this great software

Maths software that will show you many different things about shapes. You can see the pyramid section in the image above. Do you know how many sides a pentagon has?  Do you know how to work out the area of a square? Learning maths is an important part of every kids life because it is something they will use every day. This software will allow them to practice in the comfort of there own home. So go on give them a chance to be a whizz with maths.

Software download options

You can download this software and try it out using the details in the link below.

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Its 100% free email me with your name and I will create you an account and send you a serial


My Maths software has many features most notably it's free. Children and adults alike can practice multiplication with many built in levels. You can see an example of a standard multiplication test in the image below. It will show you how many you get right and how many you get wrong. You can see from the image below what happens when you get a maths question wrong. 

If you get 5 questions wrong the test will be over and it will reset. This is amazing software with some great features and it's free you will simply need to email me with giving me your name and I will create a serial and send it to you.

So what are you waiting for join the thousands of people who are already using this maths software. Give your child the opportunity to practice at home what they learn in school. This maths software is being updated on a regular basis, keep the ideas and feedback coming to me. This way I can keep striving to give your children not just what they need but what you and they want.

So don't let them get in a tizz when they can be a maths whizz with Education for Life software.  Designed to give children a chance.