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The solar system we live in is truly amazing. Do you know how many planets evolve around our Sun? Education for Life software will give you lots of information regarding the solar system. You will learn how far Saturn is from the Sun and what planet has temperatures of – 375


The primary mission of Jupiter 2 was to explore Saturn and ……. 

Install Education for life software today to find out the answer to that question and many more.



Did you know Mars was named after the roman god of war?


Do you know what planet has temperatures of 27 million degrees?


Did you know!

At night when you look in the sky the biggest thing you see is the Moon. The next biggest thing you will see is Venus



Try out the space quiz




Addition Tests

The addition tests on Education for Life has 45 standard levels. The first 6 of these levels give the user the option to sit a 20 or 40 question test. In the image below is a multiple-choice test. So the user simply has to choose an answer from one that is displayed. The user will be given a set amount of time to get as many correct as possible. The computer will keep score and show you how many you get right or wrong. There is a reset button which the user can press to start the test from the beginning. If the user gets 5 or more wrong the test will end.



There are many different tests that the user can take from a standard sum of adding 2 numbers together or you can take a test and add 3 numbers together.  

Multiplication Tests


Education for Life, has many multiplication tests which will give people the opportunity to practice with many tests. There is a great range of tests for those that are just starting out to those that consider themselves good. Remember if you get 5 or more wrong the test will end.




There is a mixture of tests for the user to take from standard beginner questions like 2 x 2 to multiple choice questions. You will find a speed test as well which is a race against the clock to see how many you can get right.




Subtraction tests


subtraction maths tests for kids



Education for Life software has many subtraction tests for people to practice their maths. You will find 9 standard levels offering 18 tests. The user will get the chance to decide if they want to sit a 20 or 40 question test. There is also a speed test section and 2 extra levels which are designed to be so difficult you should not be too concerned if you do not pass.



The image below is of level 1 subtraction test. The test will give the user 90 seconds to answer as many questions as possible. It will show the user how many you get correct and incorrect. If the user gets 5 or more wrong the test will finish and the user will need to stat again. The user will also get the opportunity to reset the test if they wish by pressing the reset button.