Let windows create your users roaming folder

So you have installed active directory by following the instructions below

Server 2008 Active Directory Installation

You then created your users and filled in there general profile by using the link below.

Server 2008 AD create users

Now it would be great if when a user connects to the domain for the first time the users folder is automatically created. This saves the admin with a lot of hassle. So for this example I will go back to the user I created called "testing t Sampson"

1, Click Start

2, Administrative Tools

3, Active Directory Users and Computers

4, You will now see a list of users created using AD. Find the user you want to edit and right click on the name then left click properties. You will then have the properties box for that user open in a window.

5, Click on the Profile tab


You can see what it looks like in the example below.




Now lets set the users profile path so that when they logon a folder will be created automatically. Whatever you have typed in to the profile path remove it. Now type in the name of the server ie the pc name my server is called "WIN-39AS0DKX4RG" so I will type in \\WIN-39AS0DKX4RG you will notice I have put 2 backslashes before the computer name.

You then need to type in the name of the domain. My domain for this tutorial is called  mathswhizz.local so I will type in .mathswhizz.local you will notice the decimal before the domain name.

So now I have got \\WIN-39AS0DKX4RG.mathswhizz.local

Now we need to type in the name of the shared folder which will hold all of our users. For this tutorial I created one called "Profiles"

So now my path looks like \\WIN-39AS0DKX4RG.mathswhizz.local\Profiles

We now need to add the name of the user we want a folder to be created for in my case I will add the name Sampson.

so now my full path is \\WIN-39AS0DKX4RG.mathswhizz.local\Profiles$\%sampson%

Now when a user called Sampson logs in to my AD domain for the first time a user folder will be created for them. They will be able to save documents and keep all personal data stored safely on the server.

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