What is a management port connection

Role of routers in a WAN


The function of management ports is different from the other connections. The LAN and WAN connections provide network connections through which packets are forwarded. The management port provides a text-based connection for the configuration and troubleshooting of the router. The common management interfaces are the console and auxiliary ports. These are EIA-232 asynchronous serial ports. They are connected to a communications port on a computer. The computer must run a terminal emulation program to provide a text-based session with the router. Through this session the network administrator can manage the device.



Management port connections

This page will introduce the console and auxiliary (AUX) ports, which are also known as the management ports. These asynchronous serial ports are not designed as networking ports. The console port is required for the configuration of the router. Not all routers have an auxiliary port.

When the router is first put into service, there are no networking parameters configured.
Therefore the router cannot communicate with any network. To prepare for initial startup and configuration, attach an RS-232 ASCII terminal, or attach the rollover cable to a personal computer running terminal emulating software such as HyperTerminal, to the system console port. Then configuration commands can be entered to set up the router.

After the initial configuration is entered into the router through the console or auxiliary port, the router can be connected to the network to troubleshoot or monitor it.

The router can also be remotely configured through the configuration port across an IP network using Telnet or by dialing to a modem connected to the console or auxiliary port on the router.


The console port is also preferred over the auxiliary port for troubleshooting. This is because it displays router startup, debugging, and error messages by default. The console port can also be used when the networking services have not been started or have failed. Therefore, the console port can be used for disaster and password recovery procedures