Router external connections

Role of routers in a WAN

Power Supply – The power supply provides the necessary power to operate the internal components. Larger routers may use multiple or modular power supplies. In some of the smaller routers the power supply may be external to the router.


Router physical characteristics

It is not critical to know the location of the physical components inside the router to understand how to use the router. However in some situations, such as adding memory, it can be very helpful.

The exact components used and their location varies between router models. Figure
identifies the internal components of a 2600 router.


Router external connections

This page will describe the three basic types of connections on a router, which are LAN interfaces, WAN interfaces, and management ports.

LAN interfaces allow routers to connect to the LAN media. This is usually some form of Ethernet. However, it could be some other LAN technology such as Token Ring or FDDI.

WANs provide connections through a service provider to a distant site or to the Internet. These may be serial connections or any number of other WAN interfaces. With some types of WAN interfaces, an external device such as a CSU is required to connect the router to the local connection of the service provider. With other types of WAN connections, the router may be directly connected to the service provider.