Shapes and Areas

The built in section on shapes has been designed to show you what many different shapes look like. It will also help you learn how to work out the areas of different shapes. All this you will at some point learn in school.



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The Pyramid section above shows you what a pyramid looks like. It will also give you some basic information about pyramids. Do you know what a pentagon looks like or how to work out the area of a square?

This software has been designed to help you become a whizz and teach you some basics about shapes Learn how to work out the area of a rectangle or square, the radius of a circle. This software can teach you many things, with practice you can become good at what ever you want. 

Education for Life has been designed to give children and adults alike a chance. With a little practice every week you can become good. You can have a copy of this software for free just download it from the Windows Store.


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