We are going to create a user profile in server 2008

This stage will show you how to create a path to your user profile. This will create you a folder on the server so you can save your personal documents. You will also be able to set your desktop icons and background to your fancy. This way when you logon with your username and password everything will be as it was the last time you logged on. You will also be able to logon form another PC using your username and password. This is called a Roaming Profile.


Logon on to your server and open "Users" folder for instance in this tutorial my users folder be located at,

Local Disk C, Users

to navigate there for people that do not know look at the steps below.

Click on Start,  Computer like I have done in the screen print below.

create user profile

Now click on Local Disk C and you will see the window below. You will see the standard User folder which is already there like in my screenprint below.

For this tutorial we will create our roaming profiles for our user accounts in this folder. So click on the User folder and open it up.


save your work in server 2008


Inside the user folder it will look like this screen print below. With one exception I have created lots of users here for testing purposes. Your folder will be almost empty if this is a new installation


Now we have navigated to where we are going to create a roaming profile user folder we can start.

We need to create a new folder for the user we created earlier (at the start of my active directory lesson we created a user called "testing t sampson") 

So right click on your open window left click New, scroll to "Folder" and left click, this will create a folder. You need to name this folder "testing"


Now you have renamed your folder you should see the screenprint below which shows your folder this is the folder our user will use to save there profile. You can now close this window for the time being.



Now you need to navigate to "Active Directory Users" like I have in my screen print below.



Now you should have open in front of you a window like mine below which shows all of your active directory users. The one we are interested in is the one we created earlier called "testing" so right click on the username and left click properties



You will now see the window change to the one below which shows the properties for that user.It is here within the properties box we tell windows where to locate the user folder for the roaming profile.



Now looking at the box above I want you to cick on where it says "Profile" (can you see it in all the tabs) This will make the window change to the one below.

There are lots of reasons why we can get the error "

Windows cannot locate the server copy of your roaming profile

If you have not created a profile path this would be just one of the reasons. So when we create roaming profiles we also need to tell windows where to look for our folder. So looking at the window below where it says "Profile path" we need to type in the location of the folder we created earlier.



Look at the screenprint below and you will see I have typed in the path of where my folder is located. You need to type the path to your folder. Once you have done that you need to click on "Apply" to save your change. You then need to click on "OK" to close the window.



Unfortunately we will still get the error

"Windows cannot locate the server copy of your roaming profile"

Why? because we have not yet created a share, that's right we need to create a share between the user and the folder. There is no point telling a user that there folder where there profile will be stored is there's if we don't tell the folder that the user can use it.

So navigate back to the folder we created earlier, to do this if you have forgot!!

Click on Start, Computer, Local Disk (C), Users,

You should now have your folder open like mine below. We can now share it.


So right click on your folder and left click properties a new window will open like mine below. You need to left click on the "Sharing" tab




Your window will change to the one below, click on "Advanced Sharing"



The window will now change to the one below you need to put a tick in the box which says "Share this folder" when you put a tick in this box the other boxes will become available.



So click on the one that says "Permissions" like in my image below.


This will open another window like below, you need to click on "Add"


This will change the window to the one in my image below, you need to click on "Advanced"



You now need to click on "Find Now" like mine below.



This will open a window like mine below which shows all active directory users. You need to find the user name we created earlier and left click on them to highlight there name and click "OK"



You will see the window change to the one below. Just click "OK" to close this window. (make sure you do not close any other windows)



You will now see the window below you will see our user we created only has "Read" permissions this is not good enough because we can not save to a folder where we only have "Read" permissions so change it to "Full Control" (we will look at permissions later)

Click "apply" then click "OK" to close the box, then close any other open windows.


That's all of this stage complete for now, you should be able to login from your PC, workstation and connect to your server assuming you have setup your PC or Workstation to connect to your Domain.

But !!! Who wants to create a folder for all the users you may have. So how about setting things so that we simply tell windows to create the folder for us. This would make life so much easier. So click the link below to see how to set up a roaming folder.

Roaming profile folder creation


Download educational software from the windows store,