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Online Maths Groups

I am building in to this maths software a group safety feature.


Example 1

This means that those that have registered with the same email address will see each other when online. So when a school registers to use this software they will use a teacher, school administrator's email address for me to activate all 30 children's accounts.

By doing this all 30 children will be able to see when one another is online. They will not be able to interact with strangers using this software.


Example 2

If a parent get's this software for there 3 children he/she will use his own email address to set the accounts up. Only people with the same email address will see each other online. So his 3 children will see when the other is actively online. They will not be able to interact with other users of this software.


Periodic Table

Learning chemical elements is something all school children come across at some point during there education. This software will give your child the opportunity to practice learning the symbols.

Chemical Elements


Learning chemical elements the easy way, look at the symbol and guess what it stands for. Then click the button and find out if you are right. At some point in the future I will create a test for this section of the software.

periodic table is how we learn chemical elements

Do you want your child to have access to this software? you can purchase a copy by clicking on the link at the top of the page.



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Download education for Life software to help your child be a maths whizz

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Conversion Software

Conversion Software

Conversion software that converts between many types. You can see from the image above some of the units it will convert between. If you click on the digital data tab you will see you can convert between, Bits- Bytes & Bytes to Bits, Gigabytes to Megabytes & Megabytes to Gigabytes. An example for Weight would be Ounces to Stones and Stones to Ounces, Kilograms to Stones and Stones to Kilograms, Pounds to Ounces and Ounces to pounds there are lot's of different units you can convert between. The good news is this software is being updated on a regular basis.




Shapes and Areas

The built in section on shapes has been designed to show you what many different shapes look like. It will also help you learn how to work out the areas of different shapes. All this you will at some point learn in school.



The Pyramid section above shows you what a pyramid looks like. It will also give you some basic information about pyramids. Do you know what a pentagon looks like or how to work out the area of a square? This software has been designed to help you become a whizz and teach you some basics about shapes.