Privacy Policy for Education for Life


What information does Education for Life obtain and how is it used?


Education for Life requires you to register with your Email address. This information is stored on a server. If you forget your serial key that you are supplied with at registration you can have it sent to the email address you used at registration.

I can also access your email address as it is stored on my server. I can use this email address to contact you regarding and problems you may have and to inform you of any changes in this privacy policy or my software "Education for Life". I can also use this email address to contact you if it comes to my attention you are abusing this software.


I have no intentions of sharing this information with anyone. If you choose to uninstall this software you are welcome to email me from the email address you used to register. I will then remove your details from the server.




You can contact me in the forum or by email. The forum is the best place for you to ask your questions regarding this software.




I may update this Privacy Policy at any time so please check back at regular intervals.



Offensive Content

This software is available in many different countries and it is possible some people in some countries may find something unsuitable. If you do please let me know and I will do my best to help find a solution. offensive content will not be tolerated Education for Life does not advocate discrimination, hatred, or violence based on considerations of race, ethnicity, national origin, language, gender, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation. Education for Life software promotes education for everyone.


Anonymous Information

Education for Life website is gathers anonymous information to monitor the use of the service provided including information such as the number of users also known as hits the website get's. None of the information can be used to individually identify any one person. The information is used as an aggregate of all data. This helps me determine things like what country the software Education for Life is used the most.


 Information Regarding Serials (Login Details)

If I find Serials for this software anywhere on the internet that account will be deleted from my server. Everyone who uses this software is responsible for keeping the serial key private. I will not negotiate on this. So please before you think about sharing your login details remember you will loose all access to your account if you do.