Server 2008 Users Accounts


This is how you create a user account in server 2008.

Click on "Start" "Administrative tools" "Active Directory Users and Computers" 

When you left click on "Active Directory Users and Computers" you will see the screen like mine below.

create users in server 2008


You need to look for the name of your domain (as you can see I called this one mastersworldofcomputing.local) Now click on the little plus + symbol next to the name of your domain like I have done below. This will show all the folders, we are interested in the one that says "Users"


acive directory is a great feature for windows server 2008


Now double left click on the "Users" folder and look in the pane to the right of it. You will see it will list all users like in my screen print below.


active directory


Now we can create a user from here so look at the screen print below and see how I did it. I clicked on "Action" tab at the top of the screen scrolled down to "New" then scrolled across to "User" and left clicked on it.


create a user in server 2008


Now you have clicked on "User" a window will open like mine below, where you have the option to put in some details about the new Active Directory user account you want to create. You can enter what ever details ou want here for this tutorial.


I will show you the same window below as above with the details I have added for my user account. Once you have added your details click "Next"



You should now see the same window I have got in my screen print below which is telling you to type in a password. Remember with passwords it is better to stay away from names that make any sense to you or anybody else. Once you have typed in your password click "Next"



You will now get this screen print telling you that you are about to create an object (user account) just click on "Finish"



If when you click finish you get the following error message like in my screen print it means the password you have chosen is not good enough just click the back button and create a new one. (for creating good passwords read here)



If you was successful you will be taken back to this window like below, you will notice the user account we just created is now listed in the right hand pane. The user account I created is at the bottom of the list because the name's are listed in alphabetical order.



We have now completed this part of the tutorial the next part of this active directory users tutorial will be about creating a user profile location. This will be required if you want a Roaming profile which is something a lot of people want so there data can be stored on the server. Click the link below to move on to 

Create a user profile in server 2008