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General Discussion / Maths worksheets
« Last post by Dave on Today at 01:45:44 pm »
I also have some maths worksheets if they are any good to you. They were written for 2014 exam, I will send them.
Thanks Dave
General Discussion / Re: Maths papers
« Last post by admin on June 12, 2017, 08:59:38 pm »
That would be great I have built up quite a collection now. I have yet to put them in some order, but when I do :) I will make them available to everyone. Anyway just email them to me through the link on your software.
General Discussion / Maths papers
« Last post by Natalie on June 11, 2017, 05:45:22 pm »
I have several maths papers you may be interested in would you like me to send them to you? They were written for year 8 students last year.
Lost Serial keys / Re: My serial has expired
« Last post by admin on June 11, 2017, 05:33:29 pm »
Hi Emma, You should of extended the serial life before it expired. As of writing this it is not possible for me to reactivate something that has expired. I can reactivate the software but you will now have to reinstall it. You can contact me via email if you would like to do this. Please bear this in mind for future ref.. as it will save you time in the future if you extend the life of your serial before it expires. I will consider in the near future changing the software to do what you have just asked.
All the best Nige.
Lost Serial keys / My serial has expired
« Last post by Emma on June 10, 2017, 07:45:42 am »
Hi, My serial expired can you reactivate it for me please?
Future Updates / Re: Network update (Challenge others online)
« Last post by admin on April 04, 2017, 05:45:19 pm »
The network update will now be rolled out within the next 2 weeks.
Future Updates / Network update (Challenge others online)
« Last post by admin on March 24, 2017, 12:06:22 am »
The next major update will allow people to challenge each other online. I have no fixed date at the time I write this this but hopefully it will be soon.
Activate Software / This is how you activate the software
« Last post by admin on March 12, 2017, 08:12:02 am »
To activate the software click on the Activate button near the top left side of the software. You then need to close the software and reopen it. Then click on the activate button again and once again close the software and reopen it. Do this 3 times and the activate button will disappear. Your software is now activated, it has to be done this way to reduce fraudulent use of my software.
Error Messages / Error message "Access to the registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
« Last post by admin on February 25, 2017, 04:16:38 pm »
I have had some people say they get an error when installing this software. If you do get an error complaining about the registry key like in the image below. It is because you failed to install the software with Admin rights like you were asked.

Do you get an error like this?

This is not a major issue just a small hiccup which you can overcome. You will need to read my thread on uninstalling the software to get past this. Once you have uninstalled the software simply start over. This time remember to install the software with admin rights.
Uninstalling Education for Life / Uninstalling Education for Life from your computer
« Last post by admin on February 24, 2017, 10:06:20 pm »
To uninstall this software it's simple go to your control panel. You will see the software listed there like the attached image. You just need to highlight it then click on the Uninstall/Change button.

You will then get a popup box asking you to choose the type of maintenance you need. There will be two choices,

Choice 1, Restore the application to it's previous state.
Choice 2, Remove the application from this computer.

Make sure you choose option 2 then click the button that says "OK"
Now if you look at the installed software list on your computer you will see "Education for Life" has been removed.

Sometimes when we uninstall software from our computer not every trace of the software gets removed. What I like to do is open a command prompt and type in "regedit" you then get a windows asking Do you want to allow the following program to make a changes to your computer. Click yes The registry will now open.

You will see a list of folders in front of you click on the arrow next to the one that says HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
When the window expands click on the folder that says Software. This will expand showing you a list of all software on your computer.
Now look closely the software we uninstalled earlier "Education for Life" still has a folder. I would delete that folder, so right click on it and left click  delete. I find it a nice feature run some optimisation software at this point. Then reboot the computer and all should be good.
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