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What will be included in the next update
« on: December 02, 2017, 06:31:18 pm »
Create a warning box to let people know there serial will be on view in the next screen. (Done)

Need a home button to stop the timer and close the speed test subtraction page. Also close the login subtraction dialog box. (Done)

Master subtraction level 2 needs button text changed to white. (Done)

When on Pyramid page if user clicks home button it should close shapes page (Done)

When on any of the shapes pages clicking home button should close the shapes page. (Done)

I changed the Kinetic alphabet from text to buttons, I did this to make clicking them easier. It also looks a lot better.

Update button on profile page shows to many messageboxs as it was showing the user the database had also been updated. It now just shows the 1 messagebox.

German numbers up to 100 added

Spanish numbers up to 100 added

Polish numbers up to 100 added

Updated the Septagon image

Wording for the Circle description says image to the left and it should of said above. This has now been corrected.

Privacy policy link has been added to the credits page

Remove the controlbox on the home page

The addition with 3 numbers has had an extra 3 levels for competing against the clock. An extra 4 levels added for those who do not want to compete against the clock.

I have created a section for mixed operations with 7 levels the mixed operations at this time is addition and subtraction.

I have corrected my bad grammar or is that grammer :) I had wrote
"Sorry you run out of time" I have now changed run to ran.

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