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Children can practice addition with many different types of addition games to keep them entertained. Many different levels with 20 or 40 question test. There is also a section on addition with 3 numbers. The is a multiplechoice section for addition offering 2 levels.


maths watch software, let's watch our children grow in maths

efl software designed to help adults and children








Practice subtraction with many different levels ranging from beginner to advanced. The user can take 20 or 40 question tests on many different levels. There is a speed test section built in which gives the user the chance to race the clock for 30 minutes.

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The multiplication section offers 15 different standard levels. The levels are caried ranging from a very basic level to a very advanced level. Also included is a multiplechoice section which lets the user select from many answers. All this while racing the clock..

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Pyramids and Triangles

Pyramids and triangles go hand in hand, this software will introduce you to both. You will get the chance to watch a pyramid turn around so you can see all round it. You will get the opportunity to learn how to work out the area of a triangle.

 software can be downloaded and used at home

The Solar System

Test your knowledge on this shortspace quiz. EFL software has an introductory serction to get you interested in space. After reading through it why not sit the space quiz.

lots of tests and games to help children improve there maths


Multiplechoice addition is a great way to get a childs attention. Race against the clock and choose an answer from many.

This software will help children build confidence in school


Education for Life software has many subtraction levels as you can see above. If the user puts a check mark in the check box they will be presented with a 40 question test instead of 20.

maths software designed to get a child thinking in maths

Multiplication Tests

There are 15 standard multiplication levels starting at a very basic level. This is more than enough for anyone to get to grips with. In does not stop there though you will find other quizzes, tests to keep entertained.

maths watch software so you can see your child grow in maths while watching there results get better

Multiplechoice addition

Multiplechoice addition is a great way for children and adults to get to grips with addition. There are numerous addition tests on Education for Life software that will start a user off at a very basic level.