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First steps:

 If you are reading this you have more than likely been given access to the desktop software which gives you full access to the vehicle app. The idea of this guide is to help you get started. With all software we expect there to be a learning curve. I have tried to make this software as easy to use as possible.

 Step 1, download the app from the link that was sent to your phone.

Step 2, download the vehicle software that was sent to you via email.


Login to the desktop software

Login to the desktop software with the details I have sent you. Your login details will have been split between your phone and email. This is a security measure I use in case you loose one or the other.


 Learning about 'Home Screen'

Once logged in you will see this screen below.

Once you have logged in to the desktop software you can create accounts for your drivers. (Start by clicking on the button called “Create Drivers Account”)




Once you click the Create Drivers Account button you will see the screen below. Now looking at this screen you will see there is a message box telling you to click it. Go ahead and click it now. When you do a serial for your driver will be created. 


You will then see this screen, you can now type in a drivers name. It is optional to put an email address in at this time so feel free to leave blank. Once you have typed in a name hit the Enter button. You will then see the drivers name added to the list on the left hand side.



So you have now created a drivers account, your driver can now login to the app with the details you generated. That's great but you will need to add some registrations to the database so your driver can select vehicle from the app.


So form the 'create drivers Account' screen your in now click the Home button and you will be taken back to the screen below. You now need to click on the 'Add Vehicle Registrations' button


After clicking the 'Add Vehicle Registrations' button you will be taken to this screen below. Now type in a registration number of a vehicle in your fleet and press Enter button. When you do the registration will show in the left hand column. You have now added your first vehicle to the database. So when your driver logs in to the software he will now be given the option to select that registration when doing the vehicle check.


What happens if this application detects a defect?

When you open this software if it detects a defect you will notice the 'Info & Detected Vehicles' button is highlighted. This just gives you a heads up a driver has reported a defect.  We will come back to this section later on.


Update drivers email

So let's look again at the home screen you will see a section called 'Update Drivers Email' I wont go in to this much but just click it. When you click it you will see a warning box telling you to be careful about making change to this section. Dont worry to much about that. Just click on a drivers name on the left side and then add his email address if its not there. Otherwise change it and click the 'Update' button.


Driver can not remember his serial

Also on the 'Home page' you will see a button called 'Quick View Viewing Serials' if you click this button you will be able to click on a drivers name and see the serial that was generated for him.


Viewing Images

This software allows a driver to take a picture of a defect he wants to show you. These pictures can be accessed by clicking on the 'View Stored Images' button. This section has it's own set of instructions which you can access from the images page. 


Remove Drivers Account

This is fairly straight forward section you will click on a drivers name and click the delete button.  Make sure you perform a backup of the drivers records first. I will show you how to do this later on.


Remove Vehicles

So vehicles come and vehicles go, let's remove the vehicles that are no longer valid. This is fairly straight forward section you will click on a registration and click the delete button.  



5, If a driver forgets the details you have given him for logging in to the mobile app you can view these details by clicking on the button called “Quick View Viewing Serials”